Lake Activities

Lake Activities - Fishing

Lower Turtle Lake is appropriately sized to avoid numerous large boats in favor of more casual pontooning and fishing boat activities as well as some great ice fishing opportunities in the winter months as is evident in years past from the small ice fishing villages that pop up on the lake in winter months.

Lake Activities - Water Fun

But the Lake is also large enough to enjoy summertime water activities such as paddleboarding, tubing, jet skiing, boating, a pontoon ride or swimming.


Lake Activities - Land Fun

And don't forget about the nearby land activities such as enjoying the hundreds of miles of ATV trails connected to the Cattail State Trail or drive your ATV about 2.5 miles east of Almena on the Cattail Trail to enjoy the sand dunes, hills, jumps and moguls of the ATV Playground/Intensive Use Area (Google Map)developed by Barron County.

Lake Activities - Wildlife Watching

We have a variety of nature's finest to watch as well.  With our bald and brown eagles, musical loons, variety of birds, turtles, otters and even an occasional bear wonder on through.



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