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The Barron County ATV Playground/Intensive Use Area offers a variety of hills, figure eights, and an exclusive section for youth on smaller ATVs - all on a 40 acre lot.  The established trails are on a sandy terrain and there is 20 acres of woodland to take your ATV, find some mud, and just enjoy the shady, scenic landscape.  You may trailer your ATV or ride up on the Cattail Trail via the Barron County Trail-head, located in Turtle Lake.  The Trail-head offers restrooms and a paved loading/unloading zone, fitted with two differing height paved ramps.  You may access either the Cattail Trail, going east and west, or the Northern Trail, which will take you along Hwy. 63 to the north, with stops such as Rustic Road 67 (ATV route) and the Comstock Creamery, all the way to downtown Cumberland.  Watch the Discover Wisconsin Episode Featuring Barron County ATV Trails, "Four Wheels, Four Counties":


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WI DNR Lake Rules

* Boats must maintain a slow, no wake speed within 100 feet of the shoreline, any dock, raft, pier or a swimmer unless assisting the swimmer.

* PWC must mainitain a slow, no wake speed within 100 feet of any other boat or dock, pier, raft or 200 feet of shore.

* A pwc may not be operated and a person may not be towed behind a boat or pwc between sunset and sunrise.

* Any person born after January 1, 1989 is required to complete a WI DNR approved boating/water safety course prior to operating a boat or pwc.

* Walleye fishing daily bag limit on the lake is 3 fish with 18" minimum length.  For panfish (bluegill, sunfish, crappie and yellow perch) it is 25 fish with no minimum length.

* Between April 1 and the Friday preceding the first Saturday in May the stream between Upper and Lower Turtle Lake (Turtle Stream) is defined as a fish refuge and as such, it is unlawful to disturb, catch, kill or fish in this area.

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